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I come from the land of rain and trees, also known as Oregon. It is a beautiful place and I love hiking across the northwest. I'm always on the lookout for a new trail or a cascading waterfall. My favorite flower is the dahlia, and I grow them in my garden every year, just for fun. My cat isn't much help in the writing department. He prefers to lay on my laptop but I keep him around for moral support. I write YA fiction and my writing is meant to be encouraging in a time where there is so much disappointment. I hope you enjoy my writing because there is more to come. I wish you and yours well on a journey worth living!

Giniece Parente’s Books

Rise of the Avenger

Kara’s journey continues as she is now a full fledged member of the Northern Band. Everyone she knew thinks she is dead and she’s fine with that. She’s ready to move on. She has left her old life behind for good and is committed to making the Band her new home. She brings her spirit… [Read More]

Tale of the Sword

There is a legend which is told about a Blacksmith and his sword. He used the sword to slay the enemy race which oppressed his people and killed his family. The revolt he led against the aliens was short-lived but his story lived on. The people of Astoria told his story generation after generation until… [Read More]

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