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Gina M. Barlean has owned and operated her own professional photography studio, managed a small town Opera House, worked as a leadership trainer with the University of Nebraska’s Rural Entrepreneurship Program, and spent several years as the Director of her town’s Chamber of Commerce. A self-starter and natural entrepreneur, Barlean is usually ready for a new adventure and has learned that by networking with other professionals in a field one wishes to master, you can always learn, grow, and evolve into a better you, and a better you writes a better book.

Barlean is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild, a writing organization founded in 1925 by Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, John Neihardt, Mari Sandoz, and many other prominent Nebraska writers of the time. As a novelist, Barlean enjoys writing suspense and mystery fiction from a midwestern perspective. She is an Indie Author, and her books are available in digital or print on Amazon.  Gina is the mother of two grown children and her husband is a Nebraska corn and soybean farmer who tolerates all of her creative endeavors.

Books by Gina M. Barlean:

  • Casting Stones Series: Dramatic Fiction set in the Midwest between 1920 and 1950.
  • Recipes for Revenge, A Four-Course Novel (four short stories)
  • Dead Blow (psychological suspense)
  • Thorns of Rosewood—Book 1 (cozy mystery)
  • Flames of Rosewood — Book 2
  • Bad Blood of Rosewood — Book 3
  • Build a Writing Team — Nonfiction, self-help, educational, business
  • Moments of Clarity — A collection of essays, memoir
  • The Man with a Green Scarf — A short love story
  • Dark Works — A collection of suspenseful, short, scary stories


Website: ginambarlean.com

Gina Barlean’s Books

Moments of Clarity

A collection of humorous essays about the simple life of a farm wife from middle America. These short stories will make you chuckle and touch your heart. Enjoy these stories about childhood, family and life.

Build a Writing Team

You are a writer who likes to be alone with your thoughts while you create the stories bouncing around in your busy mind. But remember—anyone can write a book, so you must write the best book you can. You’re competing with thousands and thousands of writers trying their hardest to win the race to the… [Read More]

The Man With a Green Scarf

He’s just an old man with a green scarf, but she is a finely aged wine who awakens the young man in his heart. The cobblestone streets of a small French village sets the stage for romance. Adventure calls at any age, in surprising ways.

Bad Blood of Rosewood

Murder shakes the town of Rosewood. A killer is in their midst. Everyone is suspect, even family. Blonde hairs and double lives; Gloria Larson can’t seem to escape the heavy breath of suspicion on the back of her neck. With help from her Thorns, she tries to move on and adapt to the changes in… [Read More]

Flames of Rosewood

This is Book 2 in the Rosewood Series—three cozy mysteries. (Thorns of Rosewood is Book 1) Gloria Larson learns of her mother’s murder, and the list of suspects grows by the minute. When she meets new family members, trust issues come into play. Fortunately, she still has her Thorns, but a handful of old women… [Read More]

Casting Stones

It’s the early 1900s and a headstrong young man, James Raven, loses his wife, Evangeline, leaving him despondent and with a small son to raise on his own. James returns to his father’s farm, only to find more heartbreak. One drunken night is all it takes to force a bond with a woman he doesn’t… [Read More]

Recipes for Revenge

Four short stories laid out like a meal: appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. Recipes included…but this is NOT a recipe book. These are humorously dark tales of women pushed too far and men who get their just desserts.

Dead Blow

Nebraska sheriff, Dewey Truet, wishes for a more exciting police career than barking dogs and domestic disputes. Life is good in small-town Nebraska, but a car chase once in a while would be nice. Kicking in a door would get his blood flowing. Anything would be more exciting than deciding if he should get rainbow… [Read More]

Thorns of Rosewood

Gloria Larson is happy to take a job as editor of a weekly newspaper in the small town of Rosewood, Nebraska, even though her parents don’t like the idea one bit. The town holds a secret—her birth mother’s identity. Gloria’s parents worry she won’t like what she finds, but once Gloria starts unraveling the story,… [Read More]

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