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Dr. Parola is a  Cultural Historian returned to Hawaii to immerse himself in Hawaiian history and Cultural studies.  His award winning book, Lehua, ka’ao a ka Wahine, [Lehua, The Romance of a Hawiian Girl], is the first in a trilogy tracing the external impact on the Kingdom of Hawai’i as a run-up to the sezure of the Islands by the U. S.  And he has been awarded the Seal of Good Writing by the indePENdents.

He has published in the Economic Pages of the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and in the pages of two volumes of The Bamboo Press, Hawaii’s Journal of Literature and  Arts, in the anthology Voices From The Universe, and in Generations magazine.

He has published two mystery novels, The Devil to Pay, based on a less well known Kennedy assassination theory, and Old Sins, New Sinners, a police procedural reflecting his years in the Middle East.

He is a wood sculptor, a public speaker, a sailor of four of the seven seas and a grandfather of three.  He lives in Honolulu with his author wife, Shirley Tong Parola.

Gene Joseph Parola’s Books

Lehua, Ka’ao a Ka Wahine,

In 1819 , six months before the arrival of the Calvinist missionaries, Hawaiian Queen Ka’ahumanu destroyed the native religion.  The ali’i (nobility) obeyed, and Kahuna (native priests) became criminals–leaving no one to lead the commoners over this difficult transition to Christianity. Lehua, a coming-of-age  ali’i wahine (girl) takes this task as her kulena (noble responsibility).  She is also studying… [Read More]

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