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G. Donald Cribbs has written and published poetry and short stories since high school. He is a contributor to the anthology, THINGS WE HAVEN'T SAID (Zest) March 13, 2018. Donald is a graduate of Messiah College in English and Education (BA) and holds a PA teacher's certificate in Secondary English. He is also a drug and alcohol counselor at the Discovery House in Harrisburg, PA, and holds a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA). Donald is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He and his wife and four boys reside in central Pennsylvania where the author is hard at work on his next book, the sequel to his debut novel, THE PACKING HOUSE (January 18, 2016), previously published by Booktrope (closed on 5/31/16, with rights reverted as of 6/1/16), now out of print. Having lived and traveled abroad in England, France, Belgium, Germany, China and Thailand (you can guess where he lived and where he visited), the author loves languages and how they connect us all. Coffee and Nutella are a close second.
THINGS WE HAVEN'T SAID has received its first starred review from Kirkus. You can see that here: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/erin-e-moulton/things-we-havent-said/


G. Donald Cribbs’ Books

Things We Haven’t Said

*A necessary and powerful resource. –Kirkus, Starred Review “There are days when I am less stardust than sawdust, less survivor than victim, but that does not mean that the reclamation of my own body is any less eternal.” -Jane Cochrane “How to describe the feeling of not being believed? It is the feeling of disappearing.”… [Read More]

The Packing House

The Packing House is about a teen who must choose between protecting his dignity and exposing the person responsible for his debilitating nightmares. When sixteen-year-old Joel Scrivener has a raging nightmare in study hall and someone records it on their phone, he awakens to a living nightmare where everyone knows the secret he’s avoided for… [Read More]

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