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Gary Stull is an inveterate traveler and the author of numerous novels including In the Shadow of Kings, One Night in Venice, The Cellini Payback, On the Breath of Heaven, Rubicon, Dateline: Zurich, and Cross Match. When he's not searching for the next story in Europe or North Africa, he lives with his wife and son in Ohio.

Gary Stull’s Books

The Cellini Payback

One Night In Venice

When cruise ship detective John Lochinvar, aka. Lock, disembarks in Venice to investigate a crew member’s murder, he uncovers threads of a widespread conspiracy. For months, ships of the PanHellenic Line have been plagued by misfortune—fire, sinking, shipboard illness, and missing persons. Emerging evidence suggests the calamities are related; someone is engineering the attacks. With… [Read More]

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