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I'm a New Zealander living in France, trying to follow my dream. Many of my adventures have been highly unexpected and decidedly unpleasant so I've just completed a memoir which looks at what can happen when fairytales don't arrive and asks when does persistence and dogged determination become recklessness? It's not all dark but is a cautionary tale. Looking for a publisher.

Currently beginning work on a companion guide which provides practical knowledge and advice on what to expect in France if you are not an EU citizen.

I currently each English in a French university on a short term contract. A keen amateur photographer, I enjoy capturing the beauty of France and populating my blog posts with images. francesbigadventure@blogspot.com

Frances Lawson’s Books

Follow My Heart

A series of negative events forces Frances to refocus on what she wants from life. Despite the risks, she sets off with hope in her heart to make a new life in France. What she finds is more than she imagined. Changing a life to this extent means there is no going back to a… [Read More]

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