About Faustin Muremangingo Ndikumana

Author, writer , Faustin M. Ndikumana wasn’t born better than any anyone else! Straight right from his mother womb that conceived him, in that woman’s center which carried the author for life, Faustin M was born to do it ! For his life which of-course is more than nine months he has been inside his mother’s womb,  Faustin M had no idea that he was going to come out loud clear on 5th March 1975, his date of birth.

Faustin M’s father was a man who loved to do what he loved to do, first as a Father everywhere and secondly as a medical practitioner at work. Faustin M’s mother kept her real thing, doing her true duty as a mother. Faustin M Ndikumana grew up in hills and mountains of his hometown’s rural massive farming in then Gisenyi Préfecture, current District Rubavu of today’s Rwandan Western Province.

In then Préfecture Gisenyi, just close to his parents’ home, there is where Faustin M walked for real while attending his primary and secondary Education! Survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust of  1994, Faustin M ended up living in Exile in the Republic of Congo DRC (April 1994 to October 1994)! There in a refugee camp, the young man Faustin M was not happy for being called a refugee, the life condition which challenged him to move forward putting him into a brand new position of leaving exile behind.

In October 1994, Faustin M returned to his country of birth by leaving the exile behind the curtains!

Today’s author, Faustin M. Ndikumana has been living in Rwanda (1975-2000) and in South Africa (2002 – Present) ! Indeed, for 40+ years ago, Faustin M has been surviving and struggling against world’s injustice while living in South Africa as a recognized refugee !

Why would Faustin M who has been living as a refugee in Congo DRC had to become a refugee again in the Republic of South Africa?

A gifted artist on his own rights, Faustin M. has won South African Gospel Music Award and he couldn’t become better without putting his pen into work!

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