About Fatima Abdallah

Fatima Abdallah is a Nigerian,  self-Published Author of  a novel titled”Finding Maryama”, a collection of short stories and ”Tales by Moonlight” on lulu.com, the amazon and the kindle store. She is currently working on her new titles, short fictional stories ”The hairy princess”, ”All that glitters is Gold” and ”The Princess’s Island.”



Fatima Abdallah’s Books

”Finding Maryama”

About the Book   The book is the chilling story of the journey of a career woman towards self-realization-who resides at Amazon Estate, the kind of apartment everyone dreams about—on a nice street, in a serene neighborhood. That’s what Maryama thought as she settled into life with her new husband, Yusuffa. But, suddenly, she discovered a… [Read More]

Tales by Moonlight

  The book is a wide range and enjoyable collection of short stories from Nigeria. Included are “Rescued by an Eagle,’’ in which a woman was about to be killed by herself her husband, suddenly, an eagle appeared from the blues….It also includes ‘’A broken Promise’’ where a brilliant girl was married off in love… [Read More]

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