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Daughter of a big band canary, Faith A. Colburn has unique insights into the backstage lives of the women sang for their supper during some very hard times. Her other half, a combat veteran and farmer, provided some very different perspectives. Her most recent book makes use of insights she gained from her mother--perspectives on a life style considered glamorous by many, but not necessarily by those who lived it.

With her grandmother, she walked the prairies, getting to know wildflowers, while she waited for the two halves to finish their struggle to make a whole.

Ms Colburn has made her living as a writer and photographer for almost all her adult life. She’s the award-winning author of fiction and narrative non-fiction that reveals the character of prairie and its people, combining careful research with a plainswoman’s passion for her place.


Faith A. Colburn’s Books


A family memoir made up of award-winning collection of creative essays about how our families and communities serve as the threshold we cross into our lives. Whether it’s a metaphorical threshold or the actual physical threshold that marks our front door, the crossing informs who we choose to become. This memoir is a series of… [Read More]

The Reluctant Canary Sings

The only way to save her family was to sing. It’s 1937, beginning the second dip of a double-dip depression in post-Prohibition Cleveland with its poverty and its gangs. Bobbi Bowen has a dream. She wants to to to art school, but when she passes the Holy Rosary soup kitchen, with its straggle of shuffling… [Read More]

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