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At the age of thirteen, Ernest wrote his first book. He never stopped writing, and, currently, he has a number of books, plays and poems either ready for publication or in different stages of development. Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Refugee Studies. He is also the founder of a charity organisation called Refugee Aware. He presently lives in London with his wife and three sons.

Ernest Antwi’s Books

Perceptions Of A Past To Come

PERCEPTIONS OF A PAST TO COME is a cauldron of experiences, emotions, and incidents, which brutally decries religious charlatanism, political tyranny, sexual perverseness and social injustice. It ruffles one’s perception of slavery, capitalism, justice, self-preservation, faith, and many more, projecting the current state of individualism and decadence as a direct result of the depravity of… [Read More]

Don’t Be A Meanie Beanie

This book uses bold colours to reinforce a sense of positive social behaviour in children, and it is a perfect tool for parents and teachers alike. Let’s us find out what these colours are, and how they can help children learn about positive social behaviour.

Legs, Legs, Legs Everywhere

There are different kinds of legs in the world, doing all sorts of things. Some are in a boat with a goat on a moat. Others are mountain climbing, samba dancing, or floating in space. Which ones are yours, and what are they doing?


Life in the womb is a daily challenge, though it comes with its share of fun and laughter. Panyin and Kakra, twins in their ninth month in the womb, must confront their fears, fumble over love, and debate on the principles of right and wrong as seen through the lives of their parents. Their pregnant… [Read More]

A Little Guy With Big Dreams That Are Soooo Totally Not Gonna Happen

This is the coming of age story of a tall lanky boy with knock-knees who tried to find his place in life by trying to write like his favourite author. The story journals his mischievous escapades and shenanigans, his awful shyness of girls, and his general social awkwardness. It also recounts his emotions and the… [Read More]

Ato The Giant Slayer And The Vicious Park

Ato is a lonely and sorrowful little boy trying to come to terms with the recent death of his father. His world brightens up when a weird clownish angel called Sunshine becomes his friend and gives him the most amazing gift he could’ve ever asked for. However, just when he is beginning to feel happy… [Read More]

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