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While Eric has been a writer most of his professional life, the vast majority of that writing has been academic and technical for limited audience. This began to change with the release of his first cookbook, “George's Cookbook: Camping.” Now, Eric is the mentor/coach for the Writers of the Round Table, a group of young writers. The first book to come out of the Writers of the Round Table is “Our Youth Speak, Will We Listen?” His journey to this position has been long and circuitous. He spent time as an editor of textbooks after college. At the same time he started coaching swimming, being a swimmer himself. Becoming frustrated with the textbook industry, where content was controlled not by the experts, but by the forces of the marketplace with politics sometimes overruling expertise, he went to graduate school to find a "better way." He found it in instructional design and educational technology. Along the way to a doctorate, he spent time coaching swimming with both youth and adults.
Eventually, he became a professor, then a consultant, and finally a teacher. Through it all, he combined his coaching skills with his instructional design training to develop effective learning experiences for his students. When his son expressed an interest in Cub Scouting, he returned to Scouting as an adult leader and trainer of other adults.
Eric's passion is to help young people  learn, explore, and become more than they thought possible. He uses all of the skills and experiences gained along the way to support youth in their journeys, Indeed, the Writers of the Round Table was started to give young people desiring to explore and passionate about sharing their ideas through writing or other forms of media, to give them a Voice. Now he is starting an independent publisher to work with and foster young creative talent.

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