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I love telling compelling stories through screenwriting and photography. To date, I have written five feature-length scripts, five short scripts, and six short stories. Three Collections of Poetry have been self-published and a 26-Episode Series entitled, "Exos of Destiny" is available to read online based on the video game, "Destiny," created by Bungie.I had the pleasure of attending APU for "Screenwriting" in Fall 2011 Semester learning from Professors Thomas Parham and Susan Isaacs. My short script entitled, "No Fear," was produced as a Student Film and entered into the 2011 Azusa Pacific University 48-Hour Film Festival. Because of the amazing improvisation by the Cast and Crew, the film won the First Place, Best Actor, and Best Actress Awards.I am interested in working with Directors, Producers, & Screenwriters to create more stories.

Eric Christopher Jackson’s Books


“What have you done in your life that makes it seem impossible to recover from? A crucial mistake? A misunderstanding? A tendency to cling to immaturity? A row of decisions that scream irresponsibility? Or have you committed the greatest sin: Not really doing anything? No goals. No dreams. Believing life & success come easy. You… [Read More]


Four wealthy, Christian families experience similar tragedies in a short period of time. Each has lost a loved one to a drunk driver. The families soon learn of each other and began to build friendships. However, the time comes when helping each other through the grieving process is not enough. They look to God for… [Read More]

Chompy Goes to School

A lovable, huggable character created to grow alongside young children everywhere.


“Speak” is my second collection of writing. It features poetry, including “Skin” and “My Last Prayer” and short stories like “Just a Fan” and “The Judge.” Short scripts (Too Cold for Meowing), essays (A History of Blood), and personal stories like “Escaping Pornography” are also included. My goal in this book is to be more… [Read More]

Chompy Goes to School

Follow Chompy as he goes to school to learn about the ABCs. Each letter is highlighted in various ways within the scenes. Experience a typical day at school for a crowd of Chompys.

The Beginning of Me

There are subjects that men do not generally talk about: Fear. Doubt. Low self-esteem. Insecurities. Weaknesses. There are questions we generally do not ask, but they can plague our minds: “How do I deal with loneliness? How can I raise my level of self-confidence? Why can’t I fit in with the crowd? What if no… [Read More]

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