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Lending Color to the Otherwise Absurd is Emily Thornton Calvo’s overdue first book of poems. A writer, author, poet and artist, Calvo is a long-time organizer and member of Chicago’s poetry community. She has been published in journals, such as After Hours, Coleré, Oyez Review and others. She was a semi-finalist for the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award, taught poetry in Chicago’s public schools and performed in numerous venues in Chicago as well as Fontenay le Comte, France. She is a co-founder and associate board member of Chicago Slam Works.
Since surviving breast cancer in 2010 and leukemia in 2012, Calvo has been committed to focusing on writing and painting for the healing impact the arts offer and sharing this message with others. She thrives in Chicago, Illinois.

Emily Calvo’s Books

Lending Color to the Otherwise Absurd

“Lending Color to the Otherwise Absurd” is a collection of poems and watercolor paintings that include the text of accompanying poems. Written over two decades, the poems reflect Early in life, I learned that fairness is rare. Life doesn’t always make sense. Some people are struck by lightning while others win the lottery. While I… [Read More]

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