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Ellen Behrens’ novel, *None But the Dead and Dying,* was published by Baskerville Publishers, and her short story collection, *Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing* was published in 2010. Her short fiction and articles have appeared in Fiction, Echoes, Crazy Quilt, Paragraph, Bridal Guide and many other periodicals. Former Fiction Editor for Mid-American Review, she received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship in 1993.

Ellen Behrens’ Books

Pea Body

Who knew birdwatching could lead to such trouble? Betty and Walt Rollin find out when visiting Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. All they want to do is relax and spend a little time away from Talkative Ted and Clingy Caroline, their overbearing neighbors at the RV “resort” where… [Read More]

Road Tales

At 139 pages, Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing includes seven Seven tales that range from “newbie” full-timers braving one disaster after another to the story of an RV park where residents seem to be dying unexpectedly. Each story looks at the unique RV lifestyle from a different direction. Not an RVer yourself? “Road… [Read More]

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