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Ellen Feld is an IRA/Children’s Choices winner (twice) who began writing about horses more than 20 years ago. At first she wrote for small, regional magazines, but within a few short years, her work began to appear regularly in large, national publications. In 2001, while waiting for her next assignment, Ms. Feld wrote a short story about a Morgan Horse. That tale became the first chapter of Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse. The book went on to win a coveted Children s Choices award, an honor bestowed jointly by the International Reading Association and the Children s Book Council. To date, Ms. Feld has authored ten books, including seven in the Morgan Horse series. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two children, ten horses, and assorted other pets.

Ellen F. Feld’s Books

Horse Show!

Book 2 of the Donkey-Donk series. Practice Makes Perfect! Donkey-Donk is very excited – she is going to a horse show! Before she goes to the show however, she must practice at home. Donk has to learn how to go over a jump, open a gate, and then walk around cones. She gives it her… [Read More]

What Does A Police Horse Do?

Meet Liam – a police horse with the Lancaster, PA Mounted Police Unit. Liam is a valued member of the police department with a very important job. Along with his partner, Officer Eric Lukacs, he patrols areas of the city, meets with school children, and even helps with crowd control at big events. Follow along… [Read More]

Blackjack: The Magical Morgan Horse

For every child who has dreamed of having a horse of their own…dreams do come true! Holly loves horses and dreams about owning one. Every day she draws pictures of horses, and every night she dreams of Blackjack, a very special Morgan Horse. One night, when a falling star passes over her house, some of… [Read More]

What Can I Do? A Donkey-Donk Story

Book 1 of the Donkey-Donk series. Donkey-Donk has moved to a new farm where all the horses and ponies have special jobs.  But as much as Donkey-Donk tries, she just can’t do any of those jobs.  Will she ever find something that she can do?

Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race

Justin Morgan is a proud, beautiful stallion living in the hills of Vermont.  He works hard to help farm the land and when he  has time to play, he loves to run through his field, bucking and rearing as he goes.  One day, two racehorses appear and challenge him to a race.  What Justin doesn’t… [Read More]


Shadow is a young horse who is curious about everything. One day the farm’s rooster tells her about a magic pond in the woods and Shadow wants to go find it. Her mother says no, but Shadow disobeys her mother and decides to explore the woods. She searches for the pond and along the way meets… [Read More]

Meet the Morgans

The companion book to the Morgan Horse series. Meet the Morgans is a visual treat for fans of the Morgan Horse series. Take a stroll through the pastures of Willow Bend Morgans and meet the horses who have inspired the books. You’ll get to see Blackjack in all his formal show attire, Frosty as she… [Read More]

The Further Adventures of Blackjack

The Further Adventures of Blackjack, book seven in the Morgan Horse series, takes the reader to the exciting world of Morgan shows. Heather and Blackjack have had an awesome show season, winning top ribbons at all the New England Morgan shows. This could be the year that they get to go to Oklahoma to compete… [Read More]


Rimfire, the sixth book in the Morgan Horse series, takes readers to a whole new realm within the world of horses. When Heather travels to Oklahoma to visit family friends, she is introduced to barrel racing. Falling in love with this quick-paced sport, Heather is thrilled when she returns home and discovers Rimfire, a fabulous… [Read More]


The fifth book in the popular Morgan Horse series introduces a new horse, Annie. Uncertain of her origin, Chauncy decides to bring Annie home to Gallant Morgans, but he makes it clear she can only stay if he can locate her registration papers. When Heather discovers Annie’s true identity, she is afraid to tell Chauncy,… [Read More]


Robin, the fourth book in the Morgan Horse series, introduces the character of Karen Greene and her Morgan, the lovable Robin. An avid horse-lover, Karen is traumatized by a traumatic riding accident. Can Heather, Nicholas, and the horses of Gallant Morgans help Karen overcome her fear so that she can once again enjoy her horse? … [Read More]


An Accelerated Reader Book The third book in the popular Morgan Horse series, Rusty continues the adventures of Heather Richardson and her Morgan Horses. In this story, Frosty has her foal, a lovely gray filly. This adorable baby seems absolutely perfect, but is she? Meanwhile, Heather decides to try her luck in a new discipline and enters Rusty… [Read More]


An Accelerated Reader Book Frosty, the second book in the Morgan Horse series, continues the adventures of Heather Richardson and her horse Blackjack. In addition, the story introduces a new character, a rare gray Morgan named Frosty. Through Frosty, Heather realizes that not all horses are meant to be show ring stars. Although disappointed at… [Read More]


Winner of the national book award, “Children’s Choices” co-sponsored by the International Reading Association and The Children’s Book Council! Blackjack introduces Heather Richardson, a horse-loving youngster who has a problem: She keeps dreaming of a beautiful black Morgan Horse, and her dreams have told her that he s in danger and that she needs to… [Read More]

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