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 Ebookifi.com will help you get your book published and will give you continues tips on how to become a successful publisher and top seller!

As an author and Kindle owner, I understand the importance of a properly-formatted book. Formatting for Kindle and other e-readers is much more than a simple conversion of a text document. We offer straight-forward, effective formatting your book for all major e-reading platforms; a linkable table of contents is included in the base fee. Take a look at the services I offer and my pricing. When you are ready for a free sample of how your book will look formatted, contact me via email support(at)ebookifi.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Top Priorities:

*  Formatting your book with the accurate specification for your publishing store

*  Supporting you until you get your book successfully published with unlimited revisions and fast feedback

*  Supplying you with the knowledge to improve your book and your sales

*  Connecting you with your readers by setting up your author landing page and email subscription

*  Providing the perfect community for writers to tell their stories and ask for help!

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Thank you, and happy writing.