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Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a nationally acclaimed author and social issues commentator. Hutchinson is the author of ten books on race and social change in America.  He is President of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, a public charities, education and civic engagement organization. He is currently an MSNBC Political Analyst


His three most recent books are:

How Obama Won

The Ethnic Presidency: How Race decides the Race to the White House

The Latino Challenge to Black America

Los Angeles Times


Washington Post

Christian Science Monitor

Chicago Tribune

Baltimore Sun


His featured interviews and comments on race and politics have appeared in:




New York Times

ABC’s World News Tonight.


He is a frequent guest analyst on:

Fox News John Gibson Show

O’Reilly Show

Hannity & Colmes

Glenn Beck Show

PBS Lehrer Report,

NPR’s Talk of the Nation

Various CNN News Shows.

New Nation MSNBC



He is the National Political Writer for New America Media and a regular contributor to: the Huffington Post, the grio-MSNBC, and Examiner.com

He hosts two syndicated  public affairs and issues radio talk shows on KTYM Radio and KPFK Pacifica Network Radio Los Angeles, and the Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Network. The network syndicates the Hutchinson Report in more than fifty cities and Washington DC nationally.



Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s Books

Trump and the GOP: Race Baiting to the White House

A provocative, first time in depth look at the history and corrosive impact of 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s race baiting appeals and campaign. Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson also tells how Trump’s race baiting tactics follows the pattern set by GOP presidential candidates over the past six decades to win the White House.

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