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Dr. Dolores Burton is an educator and author. Her books, The Complete Guide to RtI: An Implementation Toolkit, published in 2011 and, Mathematics, the Common Core, and RtI: An Integrated Approach to Teaching in Today’s Classrooms, published 2013 are nonfiction books for teachers and parents. But You Don’t Look Like Me! uses talking owls to help children to understand, “their best friends may not look like their other friends”. In Bully Billy is Back! The Burrowing Owls Are Worried, the owl characters teach a lesson that it is better to be a friend than a bully. The most recent book, A Story of Courage: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, describes how courage, integrity, and perseverance can result in a life that achieves one’s dreams. It is designed for middle grade students and includes online resources of the Justice’s speeches and activities.
Dolores Burton is an invited speaker in regional, national, and international venues. As a Fulbright Senior Scholar she traveled to South Africa to assist the University of Pretoria and to the University of Iceland to assist in the revision of graduate programs in the School of Education.  Working with teachers, students, administrators, and faculty, she enjoys  creating learning environments where all children can learn. She is a former chair of teacher education and professor, middle and high school mathematics and computer science teacher, and school district administrator. Contact her through her website www.DoloresBurton.com.

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Dolores T. Burton’s Books

Bully Billy is Back!

Bully Billy is Back: The Burrowing Owls are Worried is an award winning story of Manny, a small Burrowing Owl, who has difficulty learning new things and Bully Billy, a Great Horned Owl, who is angry because he has no friends. Bully Billy watches Manny struggle and sees opportunities to bully. However, when Bully Billy… [Read More]

But You Don’t Look LIke Me!

Owlivia, a barn owl, is lonely. She is new to the area and has no friends. While flying over her new home she sees a colony of burrowing owls and wants to make friends. Because she looks different, the other owls do not like her until a scary hawk comes to the burrow and threatens… [Read More]

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