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Dr. Undrai Fizer is founder and director of The Kairos Institute of Personal Discovery, a personal/spiritual development module established for assisting others in the awareness of their own, divine unique Pathways of Purpose, Potential, and Power. He is the author of "The 365, A Personal Compass to Self Discovery & Enlightenment" which is published through Divine House Books in Houston, Texas. Undrai holds a Ph.D. in Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary. He also holds a Doctorate of Religious Education from Latin University of Theology. Undrai has helped others become aware of their own, inner purpose throughout the United States and have even helped establish an institute in Ghana, West Africa. He is also an accomplished jazz keyboardist and pianist for The Undrai Fizer Project, a consciousness jazz trio whose dominant niche is founded in the art of improvisation and "free jazz." Undrai is married to Dr. Bridget Fizer and they are proud parents of 3 incredible sons, Benjamin, Loren, and Zion.

Undrai F. Fizer’s Books

The 73

Undrai presents a simple, yet powerful collective of thoughts and wisdom keys that add beauty, understanding, and thought for the Journey of Life and its Purposes.  An easy, yet powerful read.

The Excuse-less Life

Principles, Insights, and Concepts for eradicating excuses, fears, and distractions through the Power of Significance, Purpose, and an Embraced, Divine Identify.  Fizer breaks down the hidden “mind cycles” that establish continual self-lies, esteem, and blindness to Significance. He also provides relevant and practical “living laws” to inspire application, comprehension, and growth!

The 365

We are all wired and destined for greatness and significance. Sometimes, all we need is the “right spark,” the right word, and an inner permission to explore with confidence “those things we’ve dared to dream and believe about ourselves!” The 365 is just that, a simple black book full of the right thoughts, daring, and… [Read More]

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