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I grew up in Sacramento and moved to Nevada City California in the early 1970s. Later I moved to nearby Grass Valley. I love downhill skiing, mountain biking, paddle boarding and spending time with my lovely wife Judy. I feel blessed to be part of a large, dynamic and loving family.

I have been a doctor of Chiropractic for over forty years, and on a straight up learning curve for the whole time. My own deep healing work lead me to becoming proficient in dozens of chiropractic modalities and many healing modalities outside my chosen profession, some self-developed. I have devoted my life to helping thousands of patients heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traumas, which helped me develop mastery as a chiropractor. My two books are natural outgrowths of this journey.

My first book: Body Intelligence How to ”Think” Outside Your Brain won “Best New Non-Fiction for 2008” by USA Best Books. There were ways my book felt incomplete, leading to an eight-year re-writing odyssey. This effort created a whole new book called Body Intelligence A New Paradigm: Living a Heart-Centered Life in a Mind-Centered World.

Dr. John Mayfield’s Books

Body Intelligence A New Paradigm

Activate your bigger intelligence. Most of us walk through life relying on rational thinking and half-baked ideas as our guide. This clear and refreshing book will help you get out of the old rut of thinking only with your brain. Dr. Mayfield has cracked the code on the mysteries of how the body and mind… [Read More]

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