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Dr. B. Hiriyappa, is a Ph.D, He is a prolific author of 16 books: Strategic Management, Strategic Management for Chartered Accountant, Investment Management, Organizational Behavior, business environment, Business Policy and Strategic Management, Strategic Management and Business Policy : For Managers and Consultants.25 E books are Strategic Analysis, Strategic Planning, Formulation of Functional Strategy, Business Environment, Business Policy and Strategic management etc.

Dr. B. Hiriyappa’s Books

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy provides a valuable source of information to a person, who can know how to manage and run a company with profitability, value creation, growth, development and expansion of business. When you read ‘Corporate Strategy’ you know how to define mission and vision, how to formulate and implement strategy in a business, how to… [Read More]

A Person Who Can Manage The Stress At Work Place In An Organization

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