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Douglas Kelly is the author of newly released book, "The New Marketplace" drawing on his more than 35 year of experience owning and operating a AAAA advertising and marketing firm. Having now semi-retired from the business, he still stays involved in it with several clients. He lives in the Midwest enjoying the peace and quite of rural living (not hiding from anyone but one would have a hard time finding him just the same.). He and his wife of 50 years (YES. 50 years!) live on eight acres of land, partly forested and partly open with a spring fed brook running through it close to their home.

They have two adult children. The oldest is a son who is a professional freelance copywriter. Their daughter lives elsewhere in the Midwest and is VP of marketing and quality control for a significant software firm.

Among other things they have numerous cats -- uncounted -- who live outdoors and hang around for the food we give them. And we have one large male (neutered) ginger cat who lives indoors, sleeps a lot, and likes it very much. They both love dogs but do not have any for fear they will be hit and killed by a driver on a nearby highway. In fact, they are both afraid of being hit by a car driven by a moron who is texting while driving.

They both enjoy reading, writing. music of all genres (except Hank Williams style Country/Western) and Mr. Kelly has a large art studio and loves to do watercolor painting mainly for his own enjoyment since the art market here sucks. Photography is a side interest but very enjoyable.

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