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Donna Dechen Birdwell's writing is informed by a lifetime as a student of humanity and by her travels to many countries, several of which (Belize, Ireland, Nepal) have become her “homes away from home”.  Donna is convinced that storytelling is one of our most powerful social mechanisms, imagination our most precious human trait.  

Donna has been featured on Writers League of Texas’   “Meet the Members”   page on their blog, Scribe. She can be found around Austin participating in the writing group at Austin Zen Center and presenting at Austin Writers Roulette events at Malvern Books.

Before anthropology, Donna was a journalist, and beyond anthropology she became an artist and photographer. As an artist, she is largely self-taught and her work has been primarily in acrylics on handmade Nepali lokta paper. She maintained an art studio in East Austin for a number of years, participating in EAST Austin Studio Tours from 2011 through 2014. Her primary photographic interest is in Miksang comtemplative photography. 

Donna holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Southern Methodist University and previously taught at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Donna Dechen Birdwell’s Books

Shadow of the Hare

In a 22nd-century world in which books have ceased to matter and barely exist, Malia Poole is a stubbornly dissident author and bibliophile. After fifty years of self-imposed exile, she returns to find a world far more terrifying than the one she fled in 2075. In Texas, Nigeria, and India she doggedly pursues the truth… [Read More]

Way of the Serpent

It’s 2125. Aging is a thing of the past but personal memories and desires are now under corporate management. At the youthful age of 111, Jenda Swain is content with her career at a leading social media firm until an unexpected encounter with an old woman forces her to question her own identity and to… [Read More]

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