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Dougald L. “Doug” Blue III started writing when he was about eight with a biography of Alexander the Great researched and borderline-plagiarized from National Geographic magazine and a book his dad gave him. At twelve, he wrote, set type and printed his own neighborhood newspaper, making a killing at five cents a copy.

His adult career began as a copyboy, intern, and city-desk reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch during the golden years of newspapers. That was followed by some 35 years in corporate communications, and then the inevitable “self-employment,” today working as a writer, editor, and publicist. He published War Baby, a memoir, in the fall of 2013.

Dougald Blue’s Books

War Baby

How does a life go so awry that a bright and generous upbringing turns to thoughts of slamming a nine-millimeter Luger bullet through one’s temporal lobe? That’s the fulcrum War Baby twists upon, as a hopeful upbringing goes off the tracks to an insane slow slog into active alcoholism, the Luger always lurking just outside… [Read More]

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