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Daphne Kapsali is a writer, reluctant yogi, and pathological optimist – among many other things. In 2014, she gave up her life in London to spend the autumn and winter writing on a remote Greek island; the result, a book entitled 100 days of solitude – 100 separate and interconnected stories on claiming the time and space to live as your true self and do what you love – was published in March 2015 and has become an unexpected bestseller. She has since published another seven books, all of which are available from Amazon.

<p>Daphne is a big fan of the law of attraction, the universe and all things positive, and hopes her story will keep inspiring others to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, and live their best lives.

Daphne Kapsali’s Books

This Reluctant Yogi

I’m all for spiritual development. I’m all for awareness and mindfulness and loving kindness. Looking after yourself, mind, body and spirit. It would be lovely if we all spoke a little softer, if we took a little longer to think before we act. If we were all a little enlightened. The world would be a… [Read More]

you can’t name an unfinished thing

There are certain things that time cannot touch. Very few. Metal it turns to rust and bones to dust and the souls of those we’ve loved into ghosts and memories. Ancient temples fall to ruin and gods fall from grace, and people fall out of love and forget. Very few things can withstand the passage… [Read More]

100 days of solitude

A personal journey that inadvertently became an accidental self-help guide to doing what you love and living as your true self, whoever that might turn out to be, 100 days of solitude is inspiring thousands of people to claim the time and space they need to find themselves and live their best lives.   This is not… [Read More]

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