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Living and working in South East England, DJ Cooper is an author of science fiction with a flair for humour and the bizarre. A wife, mother and business owner, she splits her time between many things, rarely completing anything. You can follow her at https://djsworld.co.uk/ and https://medium.com/@debzcooper where random thoughts are regularly unleashed onto an unsuspecting public.

DJ Cooper’s Books

Missing Remnants

Detective Track is running out of time. His attitude has landed him a suspension. With his career is on the brink of destruction, he is dragged into an investigation the Authority tried to close. Remnants, the survivors of the recent outbreak are now considered to be a drain on society. Only their families care they… [Read More]

The Illusion

Things are not what they seem in the small American town of Bulwark. Hospital lights flicker for no reason. Townsfolk are overcome with a salacious appetite for the demise of others. Accompanied by would-be boyfriend Deputy Terence Blake, Dr Peter Kent is caught in the middle of mind-bending events. A café opens in town. The… [Read More]

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