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Husband and Wife author of Codename Wildcard. Progressing on sequels. Partners in career as underwater cinematographers (scripting, shooting, editing) with related patented inventions and international awards for inventions, published technical papers and films. Covert surveillants for various agencies. Education: U.S.Naval Academy; U of Washington School of Forestry; American U; Bryn Mawr College; rural one-room school with eight grades. Community Service: material support for the hungry and homeless, through local Episcopal Church; teaching stewardship of the natural environment, through local Izaak Walton League. Hobbies: reading; horseback riding; alpine skiing; listening to music; dancing; life-long learning.






















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Unfortunately, a former CIA Chief of Station privy to EYES ONLY intelligence says, “Every American should read Codename Wildcard!” “Unfortunately,” because the great theme we received as insights turns out to be fact not fiction—unsettling truth about the successful Soviet strategy destroying American freedom from within. Discover also a landmark prescription for holistic management of suicidal PTSD—eye-opening… [Read More]

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