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 D.B. Coulson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the late
1940s. His father was employed in the vast boundaries of the “oil patch,” so
moving around from town to town chasing that, “black gold,” was a way of life.
D.B.’s father was an accomplished artist and musician when he was not chasing
down oil rigs and dodging tornados, so the love of music and art came easy to
D.B. as a boy and young man. As a pretty good athlete in football and
wrestling, a young D.B. had to make a choice between music and sports in
college. Music won out and the road to creative writing and song-writing
powered by a vivid imagination became the preferred pathway. Playing rhythm and
blues music in a very successful rock and roll band kept D.B. on the road,
where he learned to appreciate the life of a traveler and musician. The love of
travel and adventure became part of his soul as he traversed the American
Southwest in his earlier years.

In 1967 he spent a week in New Orleans in the French
Quarter, where he fell in love with the European, French-designed walking
district known as the Vieux Carré. To this day the French Quarter of New
Orleans is still one of his favorite haunts. Powered by an education in world
history, philosophy and art, D.B. decided to see this great world he had read
so much about and left America for Europe, where he traveled extensively in the
late 1980s.

the road, the sights and scenery of this wonderful Earth, he discovered that
there are many sides to human behavior as he frequented the pubs, taverns, art
galleries and music halls along his journey. Not all roads are paved with
flower beds and scented vines, he discovered. Some roads are treacherous, with
dank, dark corners and characters that would prefer to do harm as much as good.
Discerning between good and evil is a daunting task as one travels the more
interesting and less traveled highways and byways of life. The yet to be re-named,
historical fiction vampire series, is but one of the offerings of D.B. Coulson
from his travels around our world as he delves into the unknown in search of
the good, the bad and the bizarre of what this planet, Earth, has to offer.

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