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My book, Bible Letters to the Public Editor, is a six year work resulting in publication of my Bible letters to the daily (Public) newspapers in response to liberal (non-religious) letters or editorials that have been in favor of abortion, gay marriage and suicide. I use the Bible to clarify the moral nature of the Bible. That is, the Bible clearly can state it's opposition to abortion, gay marriage and suicide. I have dialogued (debated) with many (fallen away) Catholics, Protestants and Jehovah Witnesses. None can withstand the Real Truth of the Bible. I'm not a theologian, but I am very honest to the Bible content and have informed myself (through the Catholic Church) for the past 10 years about real Bible truth. Plus, something very important. All of the Bible must be considered in religious life and discussion. To accept an easy Biblical truth but to disregard a strong Biblical truth is weak personal theology.

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