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D.P. David wrote several short stories, published in the volume The Door and other extraordinary stories (2016). He is author of two novels: Anarchic (2001) and Puzzle (2004).

D.P. David has a PhD in Literature and Cultural Studies (2013).

D. P. David’s Books


“First Steps-Struggle. Love. Cry. Hope.” exploits current reality however it may be, beautiful or painful, as life itself. It recreates a contrasting atmosphere. First, there are the stories of four remarkable women, the main characters (and their friends): Azade, coming from the Orient (and her relationship with Bryan); Azade’s college friend who settles in Switzerland,… [Read More]

The Door and other extraordinary stories

D.P. David’s “doors” represent crossing points from one land to the other, from one dimension to the other, from one universe to the other. Explicitly, I should say it like this: after he acquired a very good understanding of the oeuvre of Mircea Eliade and Ioan Petru Culianu, D.P. David (also a PhD in Literature… [Read More]

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