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A long time lover of books, veteran reader, artist and writer. I finally took the plunge in 2009 to truly write the stuff crammed in my squirrel brain. Taking a break between jobs, I sat down at my computer and began what soon became a jumbo sized series of books. In the course of 3 months, I had fleshed out 5 books and the story lines, and miscellaneous chapters for the rest of the 9 book series. Since then, I have written all but the ninth book, it is in bits and pieces but with a goal to its end.

In 2013, I emerged from the closet with 6 books completed and the rest waiting in the wings. I was ready to learn about the publishing world. I published Prelude to War, the first book in my series, Sparrow Wars in the Garden of Bliss: A La Barre Family Saga. Then spent the next 3 years publishing  4 books. I published two last year. The series actually has grown from 9 books to more, since some were larger than the publishers wanted. The series has been my love, and raison d’etre for the last years. I have learned a great deal, and of course, in editing parts, the books have all changed somewhat for the better, not that they were flawed in the beginning. Part of the interim years also were for research to flesh out the books, give them each a real feel for the decade or era. I am now about to spin off into indie and continue publishing the remaining books on my own.

In the midst of this, life sometimes gets in the way, or diverts one from the course. I lost my mother, and while she was a supporter of my work, she had never read much of it. She was just glad that I had found my niche finally, writing gave me great joy, and she loved that side of me. That was a rough year for me, but it inspired other bits of my books, collecting the hurt, grief and tears into new chapters in a few books.

As a career, I once was in Telecommunications as a draftsman/CAD, and engineer, but to keep my sanity, I also wrote little stories and poetry, and indulged my real love, painting and drawing. I found, it was easier to share my writing than my art (actually crafting a book is an artistry of its own kind), but the audience is potentially greater than the fine art. You can only sell a painting once, but a book …

I enjoy gourmet, healthy, semi-vegan cooking and making new recipes. This will lead to a cookbook one day too. I play several musical instruments for my enjoyment, listen to a wide array of music genres, which somehow sneak into my books. I love photography, traveling domestic or foreign, trying on different hats, playing games (Scrabble a favorite), and generally enjoying nature and life. All of these talents and interests have bit roles in each of the books. I have a devoted spouse who allows me my creative time and welcomes the fun side of me after my art or writing sessions. I love animals and have a delightful calico feline muse, who constantly reminds me to take time to play and nap.

I dedicate time each week to social media to promote my work or to encourage others. I’d love book chats with book clubs, to promote indie authors and my books. Last year, I took the NaWriMo challenge to write a 50k word novel in one month. I did it and loved it. I even broke out of my usual genre and did a young adult/teen fantasy story, which I will publish soon. There is always so much to do, but the biggest thing is to continue to write. When not editing or working on my series, I write poems and novellas and short stories (sideways stories that spin off my novels). Some days, I take a break from writing and do the artsy stuff, which usually inspires me to return to my writing.

I take a day at a time, enjoying the blessings of life, love and being all that I can do.

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