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Cris A. Santos learnt to write fairly quickly, and as soon as she realised that writing was a way of expression she decided that paper and pen were going to be her best friends. First she fell in love with poetry. Poems drove her to fall in love with reading. Consequently, her first drafts were poems. She wrote them to herself, many of them, so it did not matter if they were great or not. That was how her love for writing and reading started and never ended! As she grew older, her writing also matured and after several years working on her stories, her first novel (One Way Trip) was finally completed and she can now share with you! The author has a Master of Applied Linguistics and a BA of Arts.

Cris A. Santos’ Books

One Way Trip

It is 1971 when Ismail and Mary begin dating. Although it appears Ismail is an addict, Mary continues to see him, despite her parents’ objections. Mary’s biggest dream is to marry Ismail and she will do anything to ensure it happens. When Mary becomes pregnant, her parents have no choice but to consent to a… [Read More]

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