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Meet the CEO, Author and Illustrator of Cricket Curls Adventures, Frances F. Jones!  She is a native of Orangeburg, SC and currently resides in Columbia SC with her amazing husband and daughter.​

As a child, Frances struggled with learning, mostly reading. Through lots of hard work and perseverance, she has been able to achieve her life long goal of becoming a children’s book author, illustrator and owner of a growing children’s education company!

Since developing Cricket Curls Adventures, Frances has traveled, motivated and celebrated Curly Kids near and far on accomplishments and “Curly” behavior!  She enjoys meeting new people, spending time with her family and of course creating vibrant literary works that inspire kids to “NEVER GIVE UP”!

Frances F. Jones’ Books

First Sleep Over

Cricket’s First Sleep Over is a candid look into the fun and excitement that goes into planning Cricket’s first sleep over. With her two best friends by her side, Daisy and Molly, they enjoy an evening filled with love, laughter and growing closer as friends as they encourage one another!

Picture Day

“Picture Day” expresses the confidence and love Cricket has for her hair.  Cricket is proud to be who she is while enjoying the process of getting ready for her class photo!

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