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Craig Meggy is a Scottish independent author and occasional editor of Crosswords and Word Puzzles in the Urban X-Words series.


His latest offering is “Nads, a Little Book of Total Bollocks”, an amusing and yet educational tome dedicated to the Testicles aka Gonads.


As a slightly more serious writer he penned "The Key-Stone of the Bridge" a gripping tale woven with friendship, whisky and ghosts.


This, the first book in a trilogy is rapidly building a cult following among those who enjoy the gritty realistic nature of Scottish books written in the vernacular. (eg Welsh, Kelman etc.)


The Key-Stone of the Bridge is the first, book two is called Sixteen Miles to the Gallon and a Double Bed and deals with earlier exploits of two of the main protagonists. The final book is tentatively titled Two Lollipop Sticks and a Rubber Band and it is about the hazards of growing old.

Craig Meggy’s Books


The ideal gift for Men of all ages! A hilarious homage to the testicles, this book contains everything you ever wanted to know about your Nads… undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the body. Informative and factual you should probably buy two….

The Key-Stone of the Bridge

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