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I loved books as a child, the library was like a candy store to me. They were fuel for my vivid imagination. There were worlds to explore in the light and dark recesses of my mind (and yard).

Like many, conforming to the reality of school took much of that away. I felt as if I didn't fit anywhere, although I gave it my best shot. Unfortunately, that meant denying my imagination. And worst of all, it didn't work. I still never fit in. I remember a certain essay in middle school that garnered the attention of my teacher because of it’s unique perspective: a mouse’s POV in Independence Hall for the signing of the Declaration.

Through the years, I expressed myself with writing, but with no serious publication intentions. Much of this work  is found on my blog.

I became a fan of the TV show, Leverage and of Christian Kane. I treated myself to his LIVE IN LONDON CD download in February 2010, and it inspired a dream that began the story of WHIRLWIND LOVE: LIBBY’S JOURNEY.

Any Whirlwind Love reader could see the influence of my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy brought balloons that carry Libby away! :)

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