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Connie Pwll Walck Tyler, activist, teacher, writer, and composer, has a BA and MA in English but received her most important education working in the Civil Rights and Peace movements in the sixties. She taught public school for twenty-one years working with children, pre-school through high school, from every different background imaginable. She earned an MA/MDiv in Theology and the Arts from the Pacific School of Religion where she did her field education in homeless shelters.
Recent published works:
Dancing the Deep Hum, one woman’s ideas on how to live in a dancing, singing universe, memoir/self-help.
Humming on the High Wire, poetry.
Tyler is currently working on a fantasy novel, Earth Woman Tree Woman.

Earth Woman Tree Woman is the first in a series of near future ecological fantasies with a progressive political bent and a very diverse set of characters.
NINAS TWEI is the mystical place where all of Earth’s species dance and sing together to ensure the continuance of life on Earth – all, that is, except Homo sapiens. Greed and the lust for power at the expense of the earth’s fragile balance bars them from the dance. GISELLE RAPHAEL, an activist school teacher, finds herself called to a small rural community to join a group of people who, becoming their Tla Twein (mythical animals or gods), are able to travel to Ninas Twei. As they gather an increasingly diverse group of people from the city, the country, and the world, and risk their lives to find a way to heal the rift in the natural order and defeat the forces of greed, Giselle grows into her own Tla Twei, the EARTH WOMAN TREE WOMAN. She joins with the WOLFWIND, protector of the sacred spring, and together they become all things – earth, air, and water, flora and fauna – a compassionate force for the well-being of the earth.
Length: 170,000 words
Status: Complete

Website: www.deephum.com

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