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The Tetris Effect is Colin’s debut novel and is the first part of The Tetris Trilogy. When he isn’t writing, he can mostly be found playing open world computer games or binge watching cult television drama. He currently lives in London with his wife and two pesky cats. 



The Tetris Effect is an urban fantasy, sci-fi thriller and is Colin’s debut novel. Out now in paperback and e-book. Available from Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com / Kindle / Barnes & Noble / Apple iBooks & iPad / Kobo / NOOK / SmashWords / OtherWorldBooks.com

The Tetris Effect is a well documented gaming phenomenon and many references in the book are inspired by real world events; the 1983 Atari Inc. Alamogordo landfill and the great 8-bit video game crash – Atari Shock, the evolution of community gaming such as Twitch and magic leaps in future gaming to create augmented reality, the mythology of the 1950’s psychotropic and chemical experimentation, such as Puharich’s search for the Sacred Mushroom and the top secret project – MK-Ultra.

Colin was inspired by the escapism of gaming and drug culture; how we hide behind avatars and retreat into getting messed up. Against this backdrop, the real story is about change, loss, how we avoid responsibility and where we seek fulfilment – the life choices that we make and how these decisions affect others.

Ultimately, The Tetris Effect is a coming of age story driven by an apathy to embrace change, resulting in a white knuckle ride into the unknown.

Oh, and some ancient immortal beings and a reincarnating goldfish.

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