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Colin Beckett’s inspiration for his debut novel, “Family Business: An Outer Banks Crime Mystery” came suddenly during his lunch break on a sunny day in May of 2010.
“I remember that I was reading one of Robert B. Parker’s “Spenser” novels, when all at once, I put the book down, grabbed a clean white paper napkin and a pen, and wrote most of what would become Chapter One within an hour. The majority of the plot and major characters appeared in my head, together with the title. Later that evening, I transposed my rough notes onto a white notepad, and the genesis of the novel was born,” he recalls.
Working full-time as a Director of Learning and Development for a major, Cleveland-based company meant that the remainder of the novel was written during lunch breaks, on weekends, and during vacations in the Outer Banks. It would take four years to write and one year to edit the manuscript.
“At the urging of my editor, I re-wrote all of the chapters that were initially written in first person and made the entire story flow from a third person point of view. It was challenging, but I admit, my editor was right. I credit her with making this a better story,” he adds.”
Earlier in his life, the Outer Banks inspired him to write a poem entitled “Currituck Sounds,” that was published in “The American Poetry Anthology, Volume IX, Number 4” by the American Poetry Association in 1989.

Colin Beckett’s Books

The Storyteller

For centuries lighthouses have served as navigational aids for maritime pilots at sea, warning ships of hidden coastlines and hazardous shoals and pointing to safe entries to harbors. In “The Storyteller,” Colleen McHale travels to her hometown of Rogers City, Michigan, in order to find some personal direction following a brief but brilliant stint as… [Read More]

Harvest Of A Wrathful Eye:

Dare County Sheriff Marty Tate teams up with fellow law enforcement officers in Virginia in order to locate and apprehend a dangerous and highly intelligent serial killer in this second installment of Colin Beckett’s Outer Banks Crime Mystery series.  What was an open missing person’s case becomes a homicide investigation when a body is discovered… [Read More]

Family Business: An Outer Banks Crime Mystery

Dare County Sheriff Martin Tate and his ex-detective friend Paul Treadwell chase a vindictive serial killer menacing North Carolina’s Outer Banks in this debut thriller. When authorities find the body of a woman in her ransacked home the crime scene looks like a robbery that went terrifyingly out of control. However, there are several items… [Read More]

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