• Carole P. Roman commented on the post, Notes from the Field: The Advantages of Having an Imprint 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Yep, I hear you. It’s hard to promote ourselves with this youth-obsessed society. It’s easier and faster to do it on our own. At sixty-four I don’t have time to wait for these guys. I want to put out as many books […]

    • Carole, congratulations. Your work for children is just wonderful. It drew my attention especially because my youngest grandchild is almost three now. He hums Mozart, and cannot get enough of the show ‘Baby Einstein’. He appears to be a brilliant child so far, and like a sponge with learning. I noticed that out of all the shows he loves, none of them address other countries in the way you are doing. So, kudos to you for starting that. I look forward to checking out your books. Best to you, Gippy