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Clifford Browder is a writer living in New York.  His blog “No Place for Normal: New York” deals with anything and everything New York, past or present.  He has published two biographies about nineteenth-century New Yorkers, and three historical novels in his Metropolis series set in nineteenth-century New York: The Pleasuring of Men (Gival Press, 2011); Bill Hope: His Story (Anaphora Literary Press, 2017); and Dark Knowledge (Anaphor Literary Press, forthcoming in 2018).  A collection of posts from his blog, No Place for Normal: New York / Stories from the Most Exciting City in the World (Mill City Press, 2015), won first place in the Travel category of the 2015-2016 Reader Views Literary Awards; the Tenth Annual National Indie Excellence Award for Regional Non-Fiction; and Honorable Mention in the Culture category of the Eric Hoffer Book Awards for 2016.  His poetry has appeared in Runes, Heliotrope, Pivot, The Same, Snake Nation Review, The Bitter Oleander, The Brillantina Project, The Forever Journal, GNU Journal, and elsewhere.


Clifford Browder’s Books

Bill Hope: His Story

Bill Hope: His Story is the second novel in the Metropolis series. New York City, 1870s: From his cell in the gloomy prison known as the Tombs, young Bill Hope spills out in a torrent of words the story of his career as a pickpocket and shoplifter; his scorn for snitches and bullies; his brutal… [Read More]

The Pleasuring of Men

In New York City in the late 1860s, Tom Vaughan, a respectably raised young man, chooses to become a male prostitute servicing the city’s affluent elite, then falls in love with Walter Whiting, a renowned scholar and lecturer who proves to be his most difficult client. Having long wrestled with feelings of shame and guilt,… [Read More]

No Place for Normal: New York

From random sightings of the spectral (and spectacular) Rollerena, a fortyish male who would grace onlookers with his fairy godmother benedictions in a cloud of white fabric and rhinestones, to some of the haunts that Charles Dickens frequented during his visits to the city, author Clifford Browder leaves no stone unturned, or for that matter,… [Read More]

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