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Christian Schoen was born in Freiburg in Germany. Traveling has always been a special experience for him. The passionate traveler and biologist refers to getting to know other cultures as its lifeblood. On numerous trips through southern Mexico, the highlands of Chiapas and the hot and humid jungles of Guatemala the globetrotter dipped deep into the ancient culture of the Maya. After publishing the highly successful blog project "Amazing Temples and Pyramids", he decided to additionally publish his travel experiences in his book "The Maya Sites - Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest". If not travelling, the author lives in the Southern part of Germany.

Christian Schoen’s Books

The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest

This is a compact guide that contains the 15 main archaeological ruin sites of the ancient Mayan civilization on the Yucatan peninsula and also explains the optimal route for visiting these sites. A perfect guide for those travelers who are primarily interested in the most important Maya sites. The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of… [Read More]

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