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Writing has always been in Ms. Church’s blood. At age 9, she would write picture books (about horses of course), tape them together (too young for staples??) and even give them a publishing house name (Church Books; what else?). To this day, those books sit in storage somewhere. In school, Church could be found in the back of the classroom, writing short stories (and still managing A’s in English and Art). In 2004, she was finally able to live one of her lifelong dreams: Owning a horse. A magnificent horse who saved her life.Church’s first book, House Cat (non-fiction) was traditionally published when an editor who rejected it left the publishing house, and the new editor pulled the manuscript from a pile of 200 rejected manuscripts, only to see it to publication. Her book Indoor Cats won the 2001 Iams Responsible Cat Ownership Award.After working for years honing her fiction skills, Ms. Church made the decision to write a novella, a brainstorm idea introducing a brand new, conceptual and innovative vampire series in a way never before done. As a no-name in fiction, this was a big, bold move. With no cash, no job (disability due to mental illness), she put the book out all on her own; writing, editing, cover design, formatting, everything. Though far from perfect, this was a big step and a big dream.Book One received a Finalist Medal in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and Book Two received the 2017 Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Award. The Special Edition of Book One is also available, with all new and very exciting chapters. Book Three will be out summer of 2017. Book One of a brand new series (The Anachronistic Dimensions Trilogy), ‘Beyond Every Mirror’ is available and getting rave reviews for plot, characterization, formatting and cover design. It received two Five-Star seals through Reader’s Favorite.Christine Church embraces reviews and loves talking to readers! To learn more, get freebies and join contests for free books, please visit www.christinechurch.net

Christine Church’s Books

Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires

‘Above and beyond conventional vampire stories… The writing style is unusual and interesting… Sands of Time does not drag its way into boredom. The story is compelling enough to keep the reader turning the pages.’  Lex Allen, Reader’s Favorite ‘This is truly not a typical vampiric read and I wish I could give it more than five… [Read More]

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