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I arrived in Israel in 1988 with a one way ticket and $1100 cash. I was 38. I had never set foot in the country before. I had spent the previous 10 years as a stockbroker including on Wall Street, but since I had studied film and photography in college, my dream had always been to be a documentary artist. At age 40 I was drafted into the Israeli army reserves and was stationed in different areas. I began to notice the architecture and how it told the story of who was here. As it turns out, we were, along with quite a succession of empires all leaving their structures, either intact or in ruins. I began to record them in photographs. I had met my wife, Yonnah, in Israel. She is an artist, and together we worked out a way to transform my photographs into paintings. We began by feeding big sheets of specialty rice paper through large commercial photocopy machines and then she would paint on them. This has turned into a 25 year project. This book identifies each site by location and gives a brief history of each area of the country. We now divide our year between Ashkelon, Israel and Stanwood, Washington.

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