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Mike Corbett’s formal education and graduate degree may not have prepared him for life as a writer, but the hours of supplementary experience in nightclubs from Fort Lauderdale to Prague have helped him find his voice.  The transformation of bits of reality into entertaining sequences of words is all the challenge a person who has lived his life like a pinball needs.  He justified decades of travel by competing successfully in backgammon, scrabble and poker tournaments.  Insight is born in the company of stimulating people in extraordinary situations, and varying the range of stimuli as much as is safely possible has served him well.  Corbett is fascinated by the wavering border between reality and fantasy, and he accompanies his observations with a suitably inappropriate sense of humor.


Mike Corbett’s Books

Laughter of the Damned

 If you could design a heaven for your friends and a hell for your enemies, you would be challenged to come up with anything as quirkily appropriate as Mike Corbett has provided for the reader. Demons, angels, politicians and clergyman collide in this satirical ambush from the present day to the time of Torquemada. Although… [Read More]

Mr. Nachron’s List

A diminutive genius meets a quixotic charmer and convinces him that a little cooperation in collecting some special items will help him rediscover love and his enthusiasm for life. Ron Maddock commits himself to a high stakes scavenger hunt that carries him through the boundaries of time and reality. Historically accurate settings are trivially tweaked… [Read More]

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