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I am a writer of historical romances. As a member of Celtic Writers Circle I write historical romance, though my latest book is a contemporary romance . . . a descendant of my historical characters. Yes, in addition to viewing Oakhurst not long after it was built, you get to tour Oakhurst as it exists today, too. I’ll take you on a journey into the past in my 5th book–set during the mid-6th century!

I am also a professional pediatric nurse who recently added a new position to my life’s resume—retired! I now live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Northeast Tennessee with my husband, daughter, and two demented Siamese cats. With my husband, a retired U.S. Navy officer, I’ve lived and traveled widely, not only throughout the United States, but also Canada, Mexico, and lovely England. With my husband and daughter, I spent several years living in my favorite American city, Charleston, SC, which provides the setting for my first three novels and settings for the fourth.

My blog is called Tuesday’s Child. As it happens, I was born on a Tuesday. I’m convinced my mother made a BIG mistake, though. I believe she meant to give birth to me on the previous Thursday. According to the old Mother Goose tale, which says Thursday’s Child has far to go, my life would have been far better defined. I would also have been born under the sign of the lion, which would have reflected my redheaded temperament much, much better. It’s true. What could my mother have been thinking??? (I really had red hair once upon a time. I was born with it and had it all my life–until not long ago…but that’s another story. And it’s true, too!)

According to that dear old Mother Goose tale, I should have been born full of grace. So very sad, but nobody ever, ever attributed that particular virtue to me. So what does a girl do whose soul demands expression? She becomes a writer to fulfill its burning need. That’s also a true story.

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