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David C Russell is a semi-retired author, musician, husband, father, senior citizen living in the midwest USA with his wife of over ten pair of shoes, tons of patience, and both share interest in life, people, playing cards and getting their share of rest and television time too. David plays piano for church services, Sunday brunch, and occasional semi-private gigs. He writes short stories and has been in a few anthologies since publishing his first novella, Winds of Change, in 2012. David has been vision-impaired from infancy but keeps aware on just about everyone and everything. He is active on social media, and has been in two writing groups online: Writers 750, and the Internet Writing Workshop for under five years, respectively. David is young at heart, and enjoys dialogue with others about life, writing, faith, and our human attractions to fads outside ourselves.

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Farming Out Conversion/Publishing

Posted by: David C Russell   |   March 08, 2017

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