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I write both Science Fiction and contemporary fiction. My fourth novel. The Laptev Virus, won the 2015 Indie Excellence Award. It begins in the Arctic where a company is drilling for oil and finds a virus that has been frozen for 30,000 years. It turns out to be a human pathogen, and the novel follows the life of the researcher as she tries to find a way to stop it.

My first three novels,  Bueno, Sinco, and Brujas,  are a trilogy  (literary fiction, multicultural fiction, travel fiction) set in northern Spain and follow the lives of teachers at a small private school. The headmaster is a foreigner, an American, who has been brought into the school to make some important changes, and he faces a very tough time when he meets this group of uncooperative teachers. Well-developed characters and entertaining scenes make these books a very enjoyable read.

Christy Esmahan’s Books


Sinco is the captivating sequel to Bueno. Now in his second year as Headmaster at the Cantabria American School, Harvey Jones feels more assured of himself, more in control. He and Carmen are in a happy, stable relationship. Life is good—until it’s not. Beginning with an Open House from hell, Pilar and her fellow brujas… [Read More]


Bueno is a love story, set in Spain. Grieving the loss of his brother, who was accidentally killed when a Basque separatist terrorist bomb exploded, and with only a weak knowledge of Spanish, it takes Harvey longer than it should to figure out that the teachers at the school where he works are sabotaging him…. [Read More]

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