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In 2011, author Bryanna Plog spent a year in Colombia as a volunteer English teacher through Harvard-based WorldTeach and Colombia-based Volunteers Colombia.
Bryanna has traveled to or lived on six continents (including Antarctica: Asia is still on the list). Originally from western Washington, she is currently a park ranger with the National Park Service.

Website: bryannaplog.com

Bryanna Plog’s Books

Misspelled Paradise

Stretches of warm Caribbean beaches. Donkeys trotting down muddy roads. Vibrant cities alive with music, color, and humanity. If you’re looking for a book about Colombia that involves harrowing escapes from FARC guerrillas or tales of drug smuggling…this is not it. In­stead, this book gives an honest and light­hearted look at the history, culture, and… [Read More]

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