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Neal G. Brownell is a multi-faceted individual. Being an inventor at heart, his interests are many. What makes him the happiest, though, is bringing out the special gifts in a person that they might not have even realized were there.

This is what led him to write his book, Just the Way You Are – You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! It engages readers of all ages so that they internalize, understand, believe, and then are able to act on the knowledge that all people are exceptionally special. Just the Way You Are asks questions you probably never even thought of asking to show the reader that each and every one of us has extraordinary gifts given to us at birth. Entwined with the questions are also real-life stories about seemingly unremarkable people doing extraordinary things.

Neal loves helping people to better their lives. His book, Just the Way You Are – You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It!, brings a timeless message of love and understanding. Just the Way You Are conveys the importance of not only accepting the people around you, but also the vital importance of accepting yourself

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