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Evangelist Diane Bullock is the author of, CHOSEN: The Master, My Mother, The Ministry and Me. The genre is Religion/Christian Life. According to the readers, CHOSEN is a great book to read, especially, for anyone searching for answers to many of life's problems. Evangelist Bullock said, the response from the readers have been phenomenal because many are saying, "I could not put the book down because your story is my story."

She tells how the hand of God was upon her, throughout her life. Evangelist Bullock very candidly discusses racism, harassment, and even, the N-word, from an African American/Christian point of view. In CHOSEN, she expounds on various topics such as, bullying, scandals, conspiracies, angels, dreams, and the ministry. Finally, she tells how instrumental her mother was in helping her to understand how her life experiences, good and bad, were actually God preparing her to be used for His glory.

Evangelist Bullock is a licensed and ordained minister, a motivational speaker, an anointed singer, teacher, poet,and author. She is the Co-founder of Broken Vessels Ministries in Suffolk, VA. She holds the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration - Management, from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

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CHOSEN: The Master, My Mother, The Ministry and Me

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